Drama Goblin


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Drama Goblin

According to the plot of Goblin (2016) drama, the main character is the Korean Goblin, who, is living for 900 years and forced to live and eternal life. His endless burden could be removed by the woman who can become his bride, but who also must possess extrasensory skill. At the moment when the goblin finally meets this woman he also recognizes the truth that she is a lost soul, which is the meaning for someone who was able trick a fate and was able to survived despite the preassigned death. Another problem is this woman of a lost soul is the one who is followed by the Grim Reaper



Ilagam lake


The scene where Tae-hee meets her first love. «Ilgam» lake is the place used as a beautiful background for the scene. Due to the fact that lake is located at the territory of Konkuk university the lake is also known as a «Kondae» lake. During the seasons of spring and summer there is a special atmosphere made by the odor of the mix form various flowers and trees as well as fresh air from nearly located lake.



Shooting scene of Dokkaebi living place



The scene of living place of Goblin.

«I will call you to the safest place on the Earth» is the phrase of Goblin to call back Eun- tak when she was in danger.  Thus Goblin and Eun-tak lived together in a gorgeous house «Tokkaebi». Unhyeongung Royal Residence is the private  residence of the Heungseon Daewongun a  26th prince regent of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. The modern European style building has a interesting but sad history. Along with «Goblin», there were shot many dramas including such dramas as «Palace» (2006) and «The king 2 hearts» (2012).



Episode 6: Tea Garden



The senesce of a lotto from the episode six.  The attention of the audience was grabbed by the wall behind main characters of the drama. That wall is the cultural object 27, which is also a residence of the 4th generation of the president Yun Boo-seon. Despite the fact that it is impossible to enter the building the wall which surrounds the building is the place, where tourists make a lot of memorable photos of themselves in front of the wall wearing Korean national dress hanbok.