Squid Game


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Squid Game became most famous drama among the whole world of dramas. Also, the Squid game was the reason of a increasing interest to Korean culture. Thus, increasing interest toward the drama led to the increased interest to the shooting spots.  Due to the Squid Game the audience is not just involved into the interesting plot but also may became familiar with Korean traditional games. Our company will help you to find and visit all of those famous places appeared in Korean dramas to help you to get into the realistic drama’s atmosphere. There are places, where main drama’s scenes have been shot



Squid Game subway station “Hyehwa”


South Korea is the place of rapid changed trends: for example, comparing to last year the area of the «Hyehwa» subway station was famous by nearly located cafes selling good coffee, this year the area is became popular by its «dalgona». «Dalgona» is the Korean traditional sweet, which is made by fried sugar with a little add of baking soda. During the long period of time before that sweet appeared in a Squid game it was just a regular sweet, which left a warm childhood’s memories for older generations. However, due to the appearence in the episode about «Dalgona Game» in a «Squid Game», the sweet received a huge interest from all generations and all countries. Interesting fact that after the huge success of squid game, «dalgona» sales was even higher, than sales of coffee (the most demanded market in Korea).



Hippodrome Bus Terminal Sanbon


In the past «Sanbon» Bus terminal was a bridgehead for soldiers. When the soldiers came back to the military base from home, they always came through the «Sanbon» Bus Terminal so this is the reason that it was such a memorable place for men, who served in military at those times. However, after Gangnam Express station was built the number of those who traveled through «Sanbon» station drastically decreased. Recently, Sanbon looks small and ramshackle comparing to big station and used mostly for nearby living habitants. After the release of «Squid game», «Sanbon» station got lots of attention because it was the spot for shooting when Ki Hoon won money and when Ki Hoon was followed by moneylender.



Game is a subway


Is the scene when Ki Hoon play the game. This is the subway station Yangjae – the place, where Ki Hoon get the slap in the face.



 “CU” convenience store


The small convenience store where have been shot a scene of a conversation between Ki Hoon and gamer number 001.