K-POP CAMP(6 month)


  • Food not included
  • Insurance not included
  • Transfer and guide included
  • Price per 1 person. Min 2 people

K-POP CAMP (6 month)

 K-pop dance class for everyone. We invite you to get into the real atmosphere of K-pop and learn a choreography from famous choreographers who is dancing with Korean Idols. There will be a great memory – Seoul is the place, where K-pop was made! Our choreographers are professional backstage dancers of famous K-pop groups in Korea! You can get an experience of a real K-pop dance learning this dance style step by step that will make you to dance like a real K-pop celebrity.

There is no language barrier in the dance class, because our choreographers teach class in English and there are also Russian speaking translators.

There will be no communication issue – just follows the moves and make fun!

The dance program is suitable for all dancers including learners and professionals.

After the end of the dance program, We provide a certificate of the finishing a full K-pop dance program!

6 months

  • Choreography
  • MakeUP and Photo
  • Vocal


  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Dance class
  • Visiting K-pop places