Q 01.

What is my travel plan style?

A : What is my travel plan style?

B : Planning is a must

Q 02.

What about Travel expenses?

A: If it doesn’t work, let it work!

B : Turning into a Walking Travel Calculator

Q 03.

after a trip

A : Jump to the bed!

B: Open the carrier and organize things

Q 04.

When I eat at a travel destination

A : This is hot place! Exploring good restaurants

B: The first time I saw the store, I fell in love with them

Q 05.

When I got lost at a travel destination

A : The style to go back to where you came from

B : The earth is round, so if you keep walking.

Q 06.

The thought that I have when I look at the fancy architecture

A : How did they name it? He’s thinking hard

B : Wow, that’s cool! I’m amazed

Q 07.

To a friend who overslept in the morning

A : Traveling is tiring

B : Let’s be punctual tomorrow

Q 08.

When my friend called me about a car accident, my answer was

A : Are you hurt?

B : Did you get insurance?

Q 09.

When my friend bought useless souvenirs

A : Yeah, as long as you’re happy

B : It ends up being rubbish.

Q 10.

When I choose a travel destination,

A : to a crowded city

B : in nature full of relaxation

Q 11.

When I was looking for accommodation,

A : When I was looking for accommodation,

B : a quiet and cozy accommodation

Q 12.

How do you feel about travel destinations?