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Korean museum of movie


Success of the «Parasite» (2019) movie spread all over the world and grabbed attention over all countries. On the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony «Parasite» won total four awards in such categories as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film.  Director of a movie Bong Joo-ho also was recognized as a world-class professional getting a huge respect and love from the audience across the world. After the huge success of the «Parasite» other works of the director such as «Okcha» (2017) and «Memories of Murder» (2003). All movies of Bong Joo-ho were considered as masterpieces which displays to the audience the special world view and unique taste. You can look at the props and some parts of his famous movies.



Memories of Murder


Along with «Parasite» there is another famous movie of Bong Joo-ho called «Memories of Murder» (2003) is also considered to be a masterpiece, where the most important actions of the movie take place in Hwaseong city. According to the plot the main characters of the movie come to a dump where detectives rush in an attempt to find a piece of evidences. Recently, the dump from the movie was removed and reconstructed to an eco-park «Haneul». There is no scene with an actual park in a movie, but despite that the park is still very famous among citizens of Seoul for the variety of flowers and plants, which is changing according to the season. «Haneul» park will make great memories for its visitors, because of the unforgettable view, which appears along with the process of climbing the stairs. Right after the climbing the stairs there is an observatory and the area of the most amazing sunset view down to the city, «Hang» river, and «Bukhansan» mountain.





There is a place of a scene of Okcha’s escape in the movie «Okcha» (2017). Recently that place is attracting a lot of attention because of its retro atmosphere. In this area there is also a lot of stores selling a retro- related products such as vinyl, roll-film cameras, and other various antiques as well. This place make you feel like a time traveler by walking there and looking around. Close to the «retro-place» there are also such famous tourist attractions as  Namdaemun Market, Myeongdong Shopping Street and Namsan Tower.



Café So Re Su

«So Re Su» is the café of unique atmosphere, where is the back side wall is fully hidden under the ivy. Interesting fact that there are not many people who know that the café is unique not only by its atmosphere but also by the fact the plot of the world-wide famous «Parasite» was written by Bong Joo-ho right in that café. The name «So Re Su» by itself has a meaning of «the great one, which came from the West».  Thus, even by the name the café makes a promise to deliver a best quality coffee. During the long 14 years operation history café provides the best coffee while the owner of the cafe is the greatest professional who was invited as a judge of coffee roasting process called Golden Coffee Awards. Menu special of the café is the coffee called Bongtail special, which is also the most favorite coffee of Bong Joo-ho.