Center of Plastic Surgery “JW”

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  • Insurance is not included
  • Trasnfer and traslator cost is included
  • In order to get the full information regarding the exact cost registration, please make sure to contact us by email or What’sUp messenger

 Center of Plastic Surgery “JW”

Due to the high quality of service and the proficiency of our specialists we guarantee you the best result!

ㆍCurrently, the demand for plastic surgery increases drastically, so according to the demand the number of performed surgeries is rising too.


ㆍJW center of plastic surgery gets many requests from the clients who have received a bad quality result of plastic surgery or beauty procedure and who makes a request to JW center to make an additional surgery or correct initially bad quality result.


ㆍJW Center of Plastic Surgery has a professionally specialized departments of plastic surgery, which provides a high – quality service with a personal approach to the specific needs for all clients.


ㆍJW Center of Plastic surgery has over than 20 years of experience in performing surgeries and can correct all the problem received by poor quality of initial surgery in order to return the self – confidence and feel of satisfaction over the personal appearance of all the clients.


ㆍAlso, JW Center of plastic surgery puts the first importance for the loyalty and honesty in regard of the clients as well as continuous improve and control of the highest quality of provided services.

Our advantages:
  1. According to the 21 year of experience there were no accident during the surgery! Since the begging until now JW Center fulfilled a huge number of successful surgeries. Due to the fact that the industry of Plastic surgery in Korea increases drastically there is also a high rate of unqualified clinics, which provides dangerous for health surgeries.  JW Center puts prime importance for the health the clients, that is why all rooms have CCTVs to make sure that no negligence or mistake take place to appear. Health of the client and High service is our prime importance!
  2. Due to the fact that JW Center priority is the quality rather than quantity, please make sure to register for a visit in advance. In order to achieve a best result of the surgery JW Center accepts a limited number of clients per day.